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Party Cups
to Sustainable

The 1st to recycle the iconic
red party cup into sustainable fabric.

Recycled Party Cup Fabric

Transforming Plastics

We recycle party cups and ocean plastics into sustainable yarns and fabrics.

Over 90% of plastics are not recycled globally. The major barrier to our present-day recycling infrastructure is the staggering amount of different plastic types entering the recycling stream.


The New Norm addresses this issue head-on. We specifically target plastics that are not recycled in our existing infrastructure and transform them using our proprietary technology.

Our yarns and fabrics are fully Made in the US.

#1 Party Cup Manufacturer Funds Innovative Startup

Reynolds Consumer Products (Nasdaq: REYN), the manufacturer of the iconic red Hefty® Party Cup, is taking a significant step towards sustainability by supporting The New Norm, a startup out of Johns Hopkins University. The New Norm has developed an exciting, novel technology that transforms material from these cups into sustainable yarns and fabrics. Recognizing the immense potential of this innovation, Reynolds Consumer Products, whose Hefty® brand is known for the #1 Party Cup in America, has provided a grant of $125,000 to assist The New Norm in their research and development efforts.

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