The major barrier to our present-day recycling infrastructure is the staggering amount of different plastic types entering the recycling stream. Most plastics labeled with the typical triangle-logo indicating their recyclability are highly-engineered and actually cannot be recycled at scale.


The New Norm addresses this issue head-on; we offer a solution that makes use of plastics that are not accepted by our existing recycling infrastructure. We transform plastic into sustainable, wearable fabric. 





 7.4+ billion Solo cups are used annually.


Our first trial successfully incorporated the red Solo cup—a material not recycled in the U.S. and not used in fabric—into a fiber that can be manufactured on industrial machinery. Our materials have been lab tested and woven and knit into fabric samples. 

This year, we are applying our technology to other types of recyclable plastics. Our newest materials are made from recycled ocean plastics and Solo cups. Both materials are naturally dyed by their recycled inputs, eliminating one of the most polluting steps in the fabric manufacturing process.