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our sustainable fabrics made from recycled ocean plastics 

We target plastics that are not accepted by our existing recycling infrastructure. Our three newest materials are made from recycled ocean plastics. The materials are naturally dyed by their recycled inputs, eliminating one of the most polluting steps in the fabric manufacturing process.

Our yarns and fabrics are made in the US.

Impact Metrics & Certifications

Based on the EPA WARM (waste reduction model) and data from the NSF, it's been calculated that one ton of our recycled ocean plastics is equivalent to 3 barrels of oil avoided, 1,742 lbs. CO2 emissions avoided, 21 cubic meters of landfill saved, 90 gallons of gasoline avoided, or 1,980 miles driven by an average passenger car avoided (which is a trip from LA to Chicago). Our ocean plastics are certified by...

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our signature fabric made from recycled party cups

We are the first to ever transform red party cups into fabric—giving new purpose to plastics that are not typically accepted in our recycling system. Our fabric is a product at the cutting edge of innovation and fashion. We plan to revolutionize the fashion industry by making sustainable fabrics

the new norm.

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