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Halcyon Demo Day: Cohort 16 (June 2022)

our founding story

Lauren Choi

Founder & CEO

Lauren founded The New Norm when she realized that there had to be a drastic change in the way we recycle plastic. The reality is that the US does not recycle the majority of the plastic we use as a country. Her unique solution is recycling plastics into wearable fabric. Lauren graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. 

Since its founding in 2019, Lauren has dedicated her life to the development and growth of the company. Her mission is to create a sustainable fabric that will revolutionize the fashion industry. She has led this project from idea to prototype to product. 


Textile Technology Center 

Polymer Center of Excellence 

Manufacturing Solutions Center

NC State Wilson College of Textiles

Johns Hopkins University

the design team at Johns Hopkins University

Our founder Lauren Choi created the first ever student-initiated Design Team under the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University. The Design Team aims to increase the scope of research performed, fuel innovation within the university sphere, and maintain a strong connection with The New Norm's alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

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