Product Development

We are working this summer with a textile lab and a polymer lab in North Carolina to perfect our novel fiber blend. 

From the research and development we’ve conducted over the past two years, we are creating a method to transform Solo cups, which are not accepted for recycling in the U.S., into a textile-grade fabric.

Summer 2018: Founder Lauren Choi first had the idea to recycle plastic into wearable fabric

October 2019:

In returning to campus, Lauren decided to try red Solo cups as an input for the machine.

February 2020:

The Red Solo Cup pilot collection program launched on the Johns Hopkins Campus.

September 2020: We produced our first yards of textile-grade fabric.

Summer 2019: After raising grant funding, Lauren built a single screw extruder in her garage. The machine recycled plastic into a filament. 

December 2019: Lauren wove the first sample of fabric made from recycled red Solo cup filament.

May 2020:

We started research with a polymer and textile lab in NC to optimize novel fiber blends.


we are designing a collection of clothing to be showcased at the St. Andrews Fashion Show.