product development

In our last 6 months of lab testing, we have successfully taken our first fiber blend through all phases of testing, processed it on industrial machinery, and created knit and woven fabric samples.

Our first trial successfully incorporated the red Solo cup—a material not recycled in the U.S. and not used in fabric—into a fiber that can be manufactured on industrial machinery. Our material has been lab tested and woven and knit into fabric samples. 


We are incorporating various polymers to expand our repertoire and increase the types of materials we recycle. For example, this January, we will be recycling Solo cups, ocean plastics, and curbside plastics in our fiber blends. 

the design team at Johns Hopkins University

Our founder Lauren Choi created the first ever student-initiated Design Team under the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University. The Design Team aims to increase the scope of The New Norm’s research and analyses, fuel innovation within the university sphere, and maintain a strong connection with this project’s alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

Our Design Team also recently won the Johns Hopkins Senior Design and Engineering Award.